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The Advanced Open Water qualification is based on a diver gaining additional diving experience beyond Open Water while diving with an Instructor and applying the adventures in diving programs which can also be credited toward the relevant speciality courses.

Required age/certification level

Minimum age:  12 years old and open water certification or proof of equivalent certification by another training agency.

There are special rules regards junior divers, (some modules have restrictions for safety),who can obtain a PADI Junior Advanced Diver certification. The certification card carries the requirement that the individual must dive with a certified adult.

The program is conducted via independent study and in open water diving exercises with a maximum depth of 30 meters /100 feet (21 meters/70ft for junior Divers). Ratios are dependent on the environment and the age of the participants.

Course Overview

The independent study is supported via knowledge reviews which are reviewed by the instructor.

Participants must complete five adventure dives two of which must be the Deep and the Navigation adventure dives.  The Deep dive cannot take place until the third dive in the advanced course. The other three adventure dives are agreed between the student and the instructor which are normally conducted over two days during two boat trips.

Course Duration

Estimated Course Hours: 24 hours.

Equipment Required

Each diver must have a snorkel, mask, fins, weight belt, scuba cylinder, buoyancy control device with low-pressure inflator, a regulator, a secondary air source, a submersible pressure gauge, a dive knife, and a compass.

Padi Adventures in Diving Manual

Prices    ( Excluding equipment rental.)

2+People = $350.00 each   Private = $450.00

Where can you go from here?

The Advanced Open Water diver is certified to dive up to 30 meters /100 feet, (21 meters/70ft for junior Divers). The program is the foundation for further speciality diver training and is a requirement for further advanced certification courses. You can elect to do a program of speciality courses, each may be credited towards your Master Scuba Diver qualification.